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Catholic Church Converted to Restaurant and Brewery – Pittsburgh, PA

Founded in 1878, this Catholic Church served the Lawrenceville area of Pittsburgh, and over the years survived a fire, flooding, and the depression.

The doors finally closed in 1993 and the building underwent extensive renovations. In 1996 The Church Brew Works opened for business.

Painstaking effort was used when the renovation of the church and the rectory was undertaken. Attention to detail and the reuse of existing fixtures all help to create a spectacular atmosphere. 

The reddish orange hue of the flooring comes from the original Douglas Fir floors. These floors were uncovered and meticulously restored after lying dormant under plywood for 50 years. 

 By far, the most breathtaking element is the position of the brew house on the altar. Because the altar was built as a centerpiece of the church, the steel and copper tanks gleaming in the celestial blue backdrop is nothing less than captivating. 

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